Monday, September 8, 2008


Last night on TV9 aired a forum – Hujah – presumably pre-recorded or not was given the seeming editing of certain portions of the debate — which certainly was both topical and controversial to some people. The topic is “Masa Depan Ketuanan Melayu” (The Future of Malay Supremacy). The panel consisted of former Universiti Malaya historian Dr. Malik Munip, who had written a book that touched, among other things, the notion of “Ketuanan Melayu” in the mid-1980s, Ezam, a former opposition member who is formerly a youth leader in the Parti Keadilan Rakyat and UM law academic and political critics Dr. Azmi Sharom. It was clear as daylight for the viewers to see that the views held by both the panelists on the issue of “Ketuanan Melayu” were divergent and conflicting so much so that there were moments of tension between the two. But both of them really think that Malay Supremacy is the key element to the peace and harmony in this nation. Malik was supportive of the notion of “Ketuanan Melayu”, reminding Malaysians, particularly the non-Malays, to appreciate, among other things, the pre-independence “social contract” and the “Malay character or origin” of the land. From both the panelists was the moderator, an academic from UKM, who, at the end of the forum, made the conclusion that “Ketuanan Melayu” was very much relevant and needed for the overall unity of Malaysians. In The Star, Abdullah said "The definition of ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy/”Master”) is not about the Malays being in a position to dominate, rule over and force their power upon other races." He said Malay supremacy meant that the Malays, as the indigenous people in Malaysia, needed to strengthen themselves to ensure they were successful and developed.

This forum is an act which reminds the non-Malay or people who is indifferent about the fact and question it.
Why do some people question this supremacy that was written in the federal constitution for too many years? Do you ever hear o read anything about the federal constitution???The real deal is that I’m really surprised when people start arguing about the issue. To be mixed-blooded I’m sure that something is sensitive enough to be brought on. Melayu in all means in Malaysia is surely Islam in religion. If someone start to questioning and challenging the concept of “Ketuanan Melayu” they really have triggered the outrage of Malays and Malays Institution.
I’m strongly support and optimist that Malay is the rightful “Master” (TUAN) of Tanah Melayu. But Malay did not fight enough on those days when British came and took Tanah Melayu which we are surely “Master” of it. We can call ourselves “Master” of it but we are still are slave to them. So it is useless to call ourselves “Master” on those days. 51 years of independence we still have our political power. This entitles us to call ourselves “Master”. But still we are not “Master” of all. We can call ourselves “Master” if we do our best and through our achievements in the economy and social. This can be produced if we dare to learn more in this era. But we are surely lack in commitment in this area. We love to have things done for us, and spoon-feed. Today the political power is barely ours. And the non-Malays are not respecting the Malays and our Malays Institutions (Raja-Raja). All that was treated and seems to be Malay special rights was questioned and even been deliberately challenged. Malays did nothing to encounter this and strengthen their position. They start asking for some people to defend the Malay Position. This is just an effort of passing the buck to an outsider. Our fate is in our own hand. The title “Master” did not came just from history, it came when Malay act. We dare to risk everything and gain backs the knowledge and skills until we can stand by ourselves. Denial from truth and false will not result in anything. If only we acknowledge our big problems and we act to solve it, then we can gain back our dignity. Only then they will acknowledge us as “Master”.

Hidup Melayu!!!

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